Our Solution

On a large scale, a cost-effective way to store large amounts of compressed air can be in balloons at the bottom of the ocean where the pressure from the water depth keeps the air compressed. Otherwise, holes in the ground, caverns or pressure vessel can be used to hold the compressed air. If we can efficiently store energy, we can utilize energy from varying renewable energy such as sun and wind and phase out fossil energy altogether.

The company and the technology

The technology is based on a new principle for compressed air which creates unique opportunities for high efficiency.  A technology that enables a cost-effective way to store large amounts of energy.  The technology is especially suitable for use in large scale cost-effective energy storage in MW size and upwards. The underlying technology is now patented and has already been successful in a series of prototype tests at Chalmers University of Technology. As construction of renewable energy increases, the need for energy storage also grows. A problem that the technology helps to solve.